Great article on the fact that there are loads of reasons why computer games are actually good for kids.  Here are a few clips from the article:

1. Fun
The first reason is not going to come as a surprise: games are fun. They are satisfying, fulfilling, smile-generating bundles of entertainment that make lives slightly brighter while they are being played.
3. Teamwork
First of all, with gaming over the internet becoming an increasingly common pasttime, valuable social lessons can be learned. Things like teamwork, for instance, are massively important in many of the most popular online games: Team Fortress 2, for instance, or Call of Duty 4.
4. Good manners
Secondly, things like manners and courtesy play a much bigger role in online gaming than you will probably appreciate unless you have delved a little deeper into that world.
6. Dedication
Plus, of course, kids like nothing better than to play against the friends they meet in everyday life, and what better activity to forge friendships than healthy rivalry and something that requires dedication to master?
7. Hand-eye co-ordination
With that dedication, of course, comes an increase in hand-eye co-ordination. Did you know that a survey on surgeons found that they did a better job after warming up with a session on a video game?
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