I spotted an interesting article on LinkedIn, 15 sure signs your ‘client’ does not take you seriously from The Savage Truth, here’s a clip:

You call them ‘clients’ and you think they see you as a business partner. Take this quick test and maybe… think again! Tick each statement that applies to you.

  1. They won’t meet you to provide a new job brief. It’s emailed, or given over the phone, or maybe its just a few lines in an email.
  2. They give you jobs in competition. And you are not even first.
  3. When you do eventually arrange a meeting, they keep you waiting for ages, or even stand you up altogether.
  4. They don’t return your calls.
  5. They routinely don’t interview the candidates you present.
  6. They won’t give you sound reasons for rejecting candidates that they have declined to interview.
  7. They demand urgency from you every step of the way, but are slow to come back in a timely fashion themselves.

Go check out the rest of the article here.

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One thought on “Would You Reveal Your Facebook Password to get a Job?”

  1. Although people could (to an extent) choose whether to handover access to their account, it’s probably more concerning that in doing so they also give unauthorised access to their friends’ profiles and shared information.

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