The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, based at Kings College London, is hoping to kickstart a national debate on the state of the youth justice system in England and Wales through a new online forum.

The forum is designed to allow youth justice specialists and policy makers to share their views. It follows the centre’s damning assessment of the current system, Ten Years of Labour’s Youth Justice Reforms (CYP Now, 21-27 May).

The report claimed the successes of the Youth Justice Board (YJB) had been exaggerated and sparked a public row between Frances Done, chair of the YJB, and Richard Garside, the centre’s director.

Garside said:

We published our research on the youth justice reforms to foster greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and prompt further debate and critical reflection. This online debate is an opportunity to continue the discussion about the best way forward to support young people in crisis and tackle and reduce harmful acts committed by them.

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