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My Senior Pastor and I are finding that the children’s message isn’t just for children…at least not the way we do it. God has been working through us and this simple message to speak to all ages in some very exciting ways.

People are telling me they look forward to the Children’s Message on Sunday mornings… not to see what cute things the children might say… but because the 3-5 minute message is a memorable worship experience. We are finding that by allowing the congregation to get actively involved in the message, they are remembering the Scripture lesson and sermon long after Sunday.

Yes, I still invite “children” to come up to the front while the message is shared, but I’m finding out EVERYONE enjoys participating. They were just waiting for an invitation!

I started out small, especially in the more traditional style service, by inviting the congregation to answer a question by raising their hand. Then, a few Sundays later, I invited everyone (adults and children) to share with the person sitting next to them about a favorite toy to illustrate a Bible point on love.

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