After Jesus, who is the best Christian ever?

Ian Morgan Cron says St Francis. What say you?

Who, in your estimation wins the all-time, “most incredible Christian in history” prize?

Call me crazy, but I vote for the guy who holds birdbaths up in people’s gardens—St Francis of Assisi.

I knew zero about St Francis until I went through a spiritual crisis a few years ago. I was burnt out on ministry, disillusioned with church, fed up with evangelical subculture, and tired of not being able to voice my spiritual doubts and questions without being labeled a ‘backslider.’

At the height of my faith meltdown a friend invited me to visit him at his home in Bermuda to pray about whether to remain in ministry or not. While packing I saw an unread copy of G.K. Chesterton’s St Francis of Assisi on my bookshelf, and without thinking I threw it in my bag.

Cron focuses on five features:

Extravagant love for the poor, peacemaking, love for creation, contemplative spirituality, and rebuild my church.

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