Neatorama blogged on a study by Royal Pingdom of the age distribution of different social networking sites. It’s oftenthose in their thirties who are the majority users:

Although we can’t say how this will change over time, at the moment the older generations are for one reason or another (tech savvy, interest, etc.) not using social networking sites to a large extent. This probably reflects general internet usage, but we suspect the difference is enhanced when it comes to the social media sphere where site usage tends to be more frequent and time-consuming than usual.

It is also noteworthy that social media isn’t dominated by the youngest, often most tech-savvy generations, but rather by what has to be referred to as middle-aged people (although at the younger end of that spectrum).

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0 thoughts on “PDA Query”

  1. I only ever entered data (tasks, notes, dates etc) on either the PDA or my main computer ….. thus the other computer was only ever a recipient not an author, this worked for me.

    1. Thanks Ian. It’s a little bit more of a hassle as it means I can’t as easily update tasks at home that way, but it would at least mean they properly sync so I’ll go that way.

  2. I’m guessing the PDA is running Windows Mobile, and then ActiveSync on the computer?
    I always had trouble with trying to sync to another computer. These days I just use my Dell Axim PDA as an MP3 Player.

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