Whatever your view, I think it is really important for Christians to vote in the local elections and the national referendum on Thursday 5th May.  The Christian Institute have produced a briefing paper to help you as you prayerfully consider how you will cast your vote.  Their briefing considers some of the arguments from both sides of the debate, and offers some biblical principles which I hope will help.

To read their briefing and other resources click here.

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  1. Hey Chris. Glad you had a good time on Friday night – am looking forward to a ‘hen night/bridal shower’ that Ali is doing for Vicky next week – and then of course to the wedding!!
    We were all so shocked and saddened to hear about Carole. A truly lovely lady who will be greatly missed.
    Will give you a call soon – have got a stinking cold at the mo – and then am working down in Brighton for a couple of days next week – so bear with me!
    Take care.

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