And there is even more issues for the tour de france. Rasmussen after weeks of courting controversy over missed drug tests has been sacked by his Rabobank team. I think this is a good thing, he is playing the rules – missing two tests with one organisation and two with another meaning that he technically hasn’t crossed the three test rule, even though he has.

The main worry now is where does the tour go from here. Will it ever manage to regain enough credibility to be a decent event?

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0 thoughts on “Cricket World Cup”

  1. You did of course forget the most important point Chris – cricket is a totally pointless, waste of space of an attempt at sport!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL
    See ya

  2. Cricket is great – a time to sit and chill out in the sunshine with a drink and call it ‘sport’. You have obviously missed the point of it! LOL,


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