Rumour has it that the new Leopard operating system released this week for Apple computers has an unusual icon for when the OS finds a Windows-based PC on the network. It is a dated CRT monitor with the blue screen of death.

I understand so many of the ways in which Macs are cool, and the way in which they are better than PCs, and I would love to own a Mac, but to me it feels a little over the top, a little arrogant. Josh highlights these comments.
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0 thoughts on “RIM’s & BlackBerry’s communications breakdown”

  1. It was frustrating as a blackberry user, but if a network dropped out for three days would a user consider swapping networks? Yes, blackberry were a little too quiet for my liking, but they got the problem fixed and will hopefully learn from their mistakes.

    1. Great comment Liz, certainly I’ll be thinking hard about whether to stay with them when my contract is due for renewal in January, they haven’t be clear in their communication, and whilst it can take a while to solve the problem they should be clearer about the timeframe they expect it to take.

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