Yesterday we looked at Recruiting Volunteer Leaders, today I’m going to share our process for appointing volunteer leaders.  At tbcYouth we have 3 main stages to the appointment process:

  1. If a leader expresses interest in being involved in our youth ministry they can trial a group for 3 weeks following a self-disclosure.
  2. If they’re still interested they complete an application form and are then interviewed by the Children’s or Youth Team Leader or 2 members of Children’s Leadership Team / Youth Leadership Team or 1 member of Children’s Leadership Team / Youth Leadership Team and relevant group / section leader.
  3. If we’re happy with the potential volunteer their role is agreed pending CRB and reference checks (we normally do a reference check if they’ve been at the church for less than 1 year).  We then develop a job description and volunteer agreement.

Here is a new worker flow chart which explains the process in a diagram format.

Tomorrow I’ll explain our job description and volunteer agreement documents.

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