A friend has been challenging me to think much more about what God says about the environment, and how Christians should respond to the environmental crisis.  So it was with interest to read Maggi highlighting an article in The Times about a lecutre by Archbishop Rowan Williams:

Humanity faced being “choked, drowned or starved” by its own stupidity, he said.

The Archbishop said it was “unchristian and unbiblical” to suggest that God would protect humanity from the results of what we are doing to the environment.

“There is no guarantee that the world we live in will tolerate us indefinitely if we prove ourselves unable to live within its constraints,” he said, warning that God will not intervene to protect us from “the corporate folly of our practices.”

We are capable of doing immeasurable damage to ourselves as individuals, and it seems clear that we have the same terrible freedom as a human race.”

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