In an often personal reflection, Archbishop Rowan suggested that holy people love being themselves, but are not obsessed with themselves. Instead, their joy enlarges others’ sense of the world.

The Archbishop said:

“You come away from them, not feeling, ‘Oh, there’s a remarkable bloke or blokes.’ You come away feeling, ‘There’s a remarkable world or there’s a remarkable God’, and even, ‘What a remarkable person I am too.’ That’s the transforming thing. I think that’s the acid test for identifying where holiness is.”

However, the Archbishop said there is “a catch” in Christian holiness:

“If you want to be holy, stop thinking about it.  If you want to be holy, look at God.  If you want to be holy, enjoy God’s world, enter into it as much as you can in love and in service.”

You can read the full talk here .

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