We’ve just been back into the same infants school to do a whole school assembly on the theme of Celebrating Christmas:


You will need Christmas music, a large box of sweets (preferably Celebrations) wrapped in layers of different paper (as below) with the newspaper as the inner layer and the Christmas paper on the outside:

  • 1st layer: Christmas paper
  • 2nd layer: birthday paper
  • 3rd layer: new born baby paper
  • 4th layer: paper with stars on
  • 5th layer: brown paper
  • 6th layer: newspaper.

Read ‘Jesus Christmas Party’ by Nicholas Allan

Show the children the large present wrapped in Christmas paper and ask them to guess what it might be. Ask why the gift is wrapped in Christmas paper.

Choose some volunteers to play ‘Pass the Parcel’ with you. Play some Christmas music.

Each time the music stops the person holding the present takes off a layer of paper. Discuss what’s underneath and ask the children to suggest why that paper has been used. (Note: If you know the children well you might want to add forfeits between wrappers.)

The wrappers are as follows:

  • 1st layer: Christmas paper.
  • 2nd layer: birthday paper – Christmas is the birthday of Jesus.
  • 3rd layer: new born baby paper – Jesus was born as a baby at Christmas. Christians believe that God’s son was born as a human baby.
  • 4th layer: paper with stars on. A star led people to the place where Jesus was born.
  • 5th layer: brown paper – Jesus was born into a very poor family, in a stable.
  • 6th layer: newspaper – the birth of Jesus is Good News for everyone.

Underneath the newspaper layer is a box of Celebrations, as a reminder that the birth of Jesus at Christmas is a reason for celebrating. Give the box of sweets as a gift for the children and staff, if there are enough for everyone present to have a sweet each. If not give one each to those who have helped you unwrap the present and say you’ll give the rest to some special people in school such as dinner staff or classroom assistants.

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