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Dad to the fab Daniel and Josh! Passionate about Jesus, youth work & sport.

Blogger deleting posts

Why does blogger always delete your post when you highlight the whole of your post to edit it in the create box? I have just written a post about the schools work I did yesterday and then it is gone – it is so frustrating. I must remember to write my posts in Word etc. […]

Great day off

For the first time in ages I had a great relaxing day off. I got up late, played a bit on Championship Manager 4 (I seem to be getting quite addicted), made some bread, did a whole load of gardening and then did some cooking. It was the first day off, on my new schedule […]

Happy Days

I love that phrase made famous by Jamie Oliver. The last few days have all been good. Thursday was preparing for and then running volunteer leader meetings with the different teams who run some of our mid-week groups. They seemed to go quite well – all the volunteers seem keen to develop the groups and […]

Living in Brentwood x being male = Long life!

Recently The Daily Telegraph had an article on some figures from the Office for National Statistics about how where we live links to how long we will live. The statistics basically show the gap between different local authorities is the biggest since comparable records began in 1991. This isn’t good, but I was surprised to […] founder building space craft

The BBC are reporting how Jeff Bezos, the founder of has released the first images of the launch of a private spacecraft with his aim to bring space travel down in price so that many more people can do it. It is crazy what you can do if you have enough money!

Servant hearts

Around the web there have been various stories highlighted where people have taken a risk or made a sacrifice to make a difference for others. Here are a couple I have seen: On A Place for the God Hungry (a blog I occasionally read) is a story of a family who took in 44 people […]

Some things around the web …

Some things from around the web: Justin Taylor highlights how integrates Google Maps and the ESV text to create an interactive Bible atlas. He refers people to the ESV blog for more information. Out of Ur, the online side of Leadership Journal, has a series of posts on resolutions and how in several sittings […]

Stop the Traffik

Stop the Traffik is building up to be a really important campaign. There are some fantastic resources here to support ideas for Freedom Day on March 25th. Check it out, and do encourage others to join in the campaign.

Books I have read

Another book I was given over the Christmas period was 99 Things to Do Between Here and Heaven: Live Extreme! by Peter Graystone. Peter has been involved in the leadership of Emmanuel Church, South Croydon where I grew up. He is a great speaker and writer, someone who is not afraid to say what he […]

Map-reading postman finds address

Sometimes we forget how good the Royal Mail can be. This story on BBC News highlights the lengths they sometimes go to to get post delivered: “A map on the envelope had a dot drawn in north Cornwall and an arrow saying “Somewhere Here”. Postal workers in Bude, north Cornwall managed to pinpoint the right […]

More haircut news

This guy certainly had the idea about saving money by not going to the hair dressers. For some bizarre reason his mum didn’t argue with his fear of getting his hair cut and so it was allowed to grow to a massive 68 cm in length. He’s decided to get it cut into a ‘Beckham […]

New Year

In the end I couldn’t post on New Year’s Eve as the internet went down. I hope you all had a good New Year. We played games with all the family, and then watched a bit of telly before wimpishly going to bed at 12:45! I was tempted by an all-nighter on the X-box with […]