A church in West Columbia, South Carolina held a drive-through nativity scene last weekend. The hundreds of people who came to see it got more than they expected when a participating goat gave birth to a kid!

They knew they were awaiting the birth of a baby at a church’s live drive-thru nativity scene, but one of the stars, who was on loan from a local farm, fell to the ground. “Joseph was standing beside her, and he kinda looked at her and said something was wrong,” says the church’s pastor, Charles Westbrook.

Westbrook played one of the three kings, and he says it didn’t take he and Joseph long to realize the Virgin Mary wasn’t the only one who was pregnant. “I could see the head of the goat coming out,” says Westbrook, “She was actually coming. There was a water sac around the baby.”

The female kid was standing on her own within 15 minutes. The music minister named her Beth, short for Bethlehem. Link -via Neatorama

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