Bank Holiday weekends are great. Suddenly you get that extra day to rest and breathe.

Saturday was busy with the Junction 28 team meeting, which spent a bit of time chewing over some ways in which Hope ’08 might work for young people in Brentwood; time with a key volunteer for the church visits we run for 250 year 7 pupils, and our holiday club; and then trying to sneak a little bit of preparation for a sermon. We also spent a good bit of time in the afternoon with our new neighbours, who are lovely; and then we had Heather and Rich over for dinner which is always a joy. So a busy but really productive and nice day.

Sunday was just a normal busy working day. One of the kids groups painted a whole load of cupboard doors from my office which were a dull grey and are now pink, blue and purple! It is really cool to be able to encourage their creative side, whilst developing their ownership of the Children’s and Youth office. During the afternoon the church had a meeting to think about how the church might respond to Hope ’08 – it was great to hear some of their ideas and thoughts. The evening was Doubt your Doubts which was a good evening. Numbers were very low, we hope that was just because it was a bank holiday weekend, worship was good, although felt a bit of a struggle to encourage participation at the start. I was preaching the first in a two series on checking out the Bible. I spoke about some facts from the Bible, and how it is structured, so basically a quick look cover to cover at God’s story. People seemed receptive, although it felt quite long. Hopefully it will fit well with next month which will be looking at what the Bible should mean for us.

Monday was a lovely day, we got up late, and then did a variety of things, including getting some camp and holiday club planning, and working out when i should nook some more of my holiday time! We also got to eat a nice dinner, with some of the left overs from Saturday night.

Tuesday, my usual day off, felt more like a true day off. Lots seemed to get done including the TV aerial being sorted so we can now watch perfect picture TV, the broadband being connected (so I can sit here late at night blogging from home), and I got loads of gardening done. With a bit of reluctance we went to our dance class, that we haven’t been enjoying as much recently (mainly because now we are in the intermediate group it is 8:30-10:00pm which feels very late) and surprisingly really enjoyed it.

Can’t wait for the next bank holiday weekend!

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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