Sarah Dyer, director of new media at Beatbullying has said

“We know how hard it can be to get young people interested and involved in anti-bullying messages and activities, but by making our website appealing and interactive, we can give young people an opportunity to explore, discuss and tackle this important issue by themselves.”

The website is one to recommend to young people you work with. There are loads of interesting features, highlighting causes of bullying (one of them faith), the presence of cybermentors (attempting to tackle bullying and cyberbullying online), and read stories of other’s experiences.

There are also links to other more local bullying websites, including many London Boroughs that have been put together by young people, and lots of other things to explore!

Dyer says

“It is absolutely crucial to engage with young people using the sorts of web technology they like. Our new site enables young users to communicate, interact and support each other online.”

The adult section of the site offers help and guidance for those who work with young people. With news, stories and loads more all available this should be a great resource for youth workers.

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