The Bible Society recently posted their Christmas Resources:

Download FREE resources for your Christmas service today, and see Christmas through the eyes of a Child of Bethlehem. And your church can help to bring the Bible to life for a Child of Bethlehem too.

Bethlehem 2012 is a world away from the peaceful town of the Christmas carol.

Today, the wall built to separate Israel from the West Bank means people are no longer able to travel to Israel to work. Families are dogged by unemployment, poverty and a grim limiting of their prospects and hopes.

But Bible Society has created an oasis of joy in this troubled town.

At Bible camps all around Bethlehem, the message of Scripture is being brought to life for children. In a haven of joy, fun and laughter – away from the military presence, violence and aggression of the region – the Bible is shaping the lives and values of the children of Bethlehem.

Share their joy at your Christmas service this year. The resources include stories, crafts, activities and songs from Bethlehem, as well as a nativity play and a sermon outline – everything you need to run a very special Christmas service.

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