Recently The Daily Telegraph reported on a survey by Oxford University about the teaching of RE in schools.  The paper says researchers at the University say the presentation of Christianity can be

‘incoherent, lacking in intellectual development or too stereotypical.’

The University is launching a new project aimed at supporting teachers with online materials. It’s also carried out a poll that found widespread support for the teaching of Christianity as part of Religious Education.  Read more about the survey from Oxford University.

The Bible Society has responded saying:


Education specialist, Ann Holt, former goverment adviser and teacher says, ‘We now have a generation of teachers whose knowledge of Christianity is very thin at best and often non-existent. Most primary school teachers are non-specialists. It’s largely an issue of training. It hardly features in the general training of primary school teachers and that’s got worse with the emphasis on literacy and numeracy.’

This is why Bible Society has invested in crossref-it a one-stop resource providing high quality, easy-to-use resources for AS and A-Level students. It’s proving hugely popular with 368,000 visits recorded in the last six months.

Ann Holt says, ‘Teachers are resource led and so good resources like cross ref-it are crucial. And that’s why we have also produced educational materials around last year’s BBC Nativity and the BBC Passion and The Miracles of Jesus.

The YouGov poll for Oxford University questioned 1,832 adults in England. It found 64% agreed that children need to learn about Christianity in order to understand English history.

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