Bible Students Say is a hilarious twitter account.  Their description is:

I teach Biblical Studies for an undisclosed university. These are actual statments from assignments turned in by my students. They’re…um..interesting 😉

Here are some of the quotes:

“I believe N.T. Wright would make a better politician than a theologian. I think this is typical of a person who does not understand truth”

“The Bible must be taken 100% literally, even though there are instances where it has to be interpreted symbolically.”

“Isaiah prophecies of a new heaven and a new earth. I believe he is talking about spending our eternal life in heaven”

“Do scientist, theologians and historians opinions and perspectives really matter when it comes to the Bible?”

“I believe myself to be of slightly above average intelligence but the highfalutin words & the general verbiage made this difficult to read”

“So many cultures, religions and countries undermine or subjugate women. I guess we can blame it modernity and feminism”

“Brueggemann stated that the Bible offends those who are liberals, this may be true but I’d rather not make this statement a political one”

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