In a rare display of generosity from a footballer, Birmingham City midfielder Olivier Kapo gifted his £30,000 Mercedes to his teenage boot boy. James McPike (pictured), a 17-year-old trainee on City’s books, was reportedly stunned when Kapo threw him the keys.  Boot boys can usually expect an old pair of boots from the professional to whom they have been assigned throughout the season.

When McPike said he couldn’t even pay the insurance, Kapo drove him home, handed him the spare keys and log book, and said he’d pay for a year’s insurance – what a guy!  The fact that Kapo also owns a Porsche and a Hummer means he isn’t short of cars, but it’s still one of the most impressive things a footballer has done all season.

On hearing the news, City manager Alex McLeish said:

It was a magnificent gesture and one that’s entirely in keeping with Kapo’s character … As he was in such a generous mood, I asked him what he had done with the house he had left behind in Turin. Unfortunately, he smiled and said he wanted to keep hold of that.

From the: Daily Mail

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