Kurt has posted an email that he sent his team about being wise in blogging. It has some great content:

Hey team,Since almost all of us have blogs, I thought I’d send this friendly reminder. In this case, ‘friendly reminder’ is actually more like “blog policy”.Remember that students and even some parents are reading your blog….so:

– Use wisdom in what you post. Don’t post subject matter, Youtube videos etc. that you wouldn’t be comfortable letting a student or parent see. What may be innocent humor to you and your friends may not be as appropriate for the students reading your blog.
– Use wisdom when linking to other people’s blogs. Don’t list blogs of people who you don’t trust 100%. The students and parents who read your blog will likely click to read the blogs of your friends.
– What you post is permanent. In a real sense, your blog is the same as writing a book, writing a column in a magazine etc. Once you post something, it is ‘on the record’. So be smart and safe.
– Remember, you are a minister at Saddleback Church and a representative of Christ. Your blog is a reflection of your character, our church and our Lord.



And a big thanks to Kurt for sharing this, I thought there were some very helpful thoughts in the email.

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