Whilst on holiday in St. Andrews I found some very good deals in the charity shops on books, so I bought …

  • It’s Not About the Bike – Lance Armstrong’s account of cycling and cancer – a very inspiring read, which I’m sure I’ve read before – it certainly seemed familiar when reading the first and last chapter.
  • The Corner – A year in the life of an inner-city neighbourhood – a portrait of the American drugs war by David Simon and Ed Burns who helped to create The Wire.  At 628 pages it isn’t a small book – I’ve made it to page 68 so far!
  • For the Audience of One by Mike Pilavachi, and Why I Am A Christian by John Stott, both of which I already own, but spotted at good prices, and will be worth handing on to our new Ministry Apprentices.
  • Ethics and the Old Testament by John Barton, Ethics in Practice, edited by LaFollette, and Philosophy of Religion for A’ Level by Jordan, Lockyer and Tate will all be helpful as we are increasingly involved in A and AS Level Philosophy and Ethics lessons.
  • Schweizer’s The Good News According to Luke and Wiersbe’s Psalms 1-89 were reference buys to be added to the bible commentary shelves.
  • Also in the Christian pile were The Bible According to Peanuts and And Some Evangelists by Roger Carswell.
  • I managed to find How to be a Gardner, Book Two, by Alan Titchmarsh for the bargain price of £4.00.  Already owning Book One I saw this as a good addition to the pile!
  • I’m always interested in management and business practices so I’ve picked up Creative Management by Jane Henry and Managing Innovation and Change by Jane Henry and David Mayle – only time will tell as to whether they contribute anything useful.
  • Last but not least was Me and Mr Darcy, an interesting looking fiction book to make up a special offer of 3 for £3 in a charity shop.
Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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