This book by Nick Page has come in for a reasonable amount of criticism. The book came out of an article he wrote for Christianity magazine in August 2003.and-now-lets-move-into-a-time-of-nonsense

The book is aimed to challenge both the way we worship, and more specifically the way worship songs are written and structured. Nick’s key point is that we’re outdated in the lyrics and images we use in worship, for example we use words that even the Oxford English Dictionary describes as ‘archaic’, e.g. magnify, exalt, anoint.

He has a point, but it’s certainly a massive challenge. Very few songs, apart from children’s worship songs use modern images. This book calls for a seismic shift in the way songs are written. I like the idea, but I’m not sure it’ll happen – but as a non-musician I finished Nick’s book not sure how I could make a difference. Yes, I help choose music for worship within our youth work, and so I’ve been challenged to look more carefully at the lyrics we’re singing, but at the same time if the modern images aren’t being written into songs, there’s not much I can do.

My other comment, is I would love to hear what key national worship leaders thought about Nick’s book and whether it is something they agree with or something they disagree with. Graham Kendrick and Andy Flannagan write endorsements on the back of the book, but I would be interested to hear from others.

If you want a challenging read about worship, this is well worth it.

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