A book about evangelists by Roger Carswell was always going to be worth a read and this is certainly the case with and some … Evangelists.  Roger has served as an evangelist for many years, I’ve had the privilege of working with him on some university missions.

Roger is a man with a vision; he pleads for ‘the setting aside of gifted believers to be devoted to the full-time work of evangelism, in the same way that pastors and missionaries are appointed for their task. They will spearhead evangelistic activity in their locality and beyond’ (page 91). He sets out a simple plan of action for churches to realise this vision. They should pray for more evangelists, identify people for the work, train them, use them, pray for them, and support them. Each stage is carefully explained with practical suggestions.

The book begins with the question burning on Roger’s heart – “where have all the evangelists gone?”.  Then he takes us back to the Bible to look at evangelism in the Old Testament, Christ the evangelist, the Holy Spirit as an evangelist, New Testament evangelists and biblical pictures of the evangelist.  He moves on to a brief historical sketch of evangelists in church history before he sets out the vision at the heart of the book.  In the second half Roger looks at more specific areas such as the Bible and the tract as tools in evangelism, work with children, contentious issues and temptations evangelists face.

Although this book is primarily about evangelists, it provides a lot of useful ideas which will make us more effective in reaching the world. Roger suggests we make use of our junk mail by returning prepaid envelopes with tracts inside them!

I do not agree with every thing Roger Carswell says, but I can heartily recommend this book, if you are an evangelist or a pastor or you want to encourage this type of ministry in your church.  I found it a bit hard to get through at times, it’s not necessarily a page turner.  It’s the kind of book you should read if this is a subject close to your heart or something you really want to know more about.

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