This week I’ve been reading Beating the 24/7: How Business Leaders Achieve a Successful Work-life Balance by Winston Fletcher. The book contains 16 interviews from some great businessmen and women in the UK including Sir Richard Branson, Michael Grade CBE, Nicola Horlick and Sir Christopher Bland.  Each interview looks at success, sacrifice, family, hobbies and gives hope that you can create your own work/life balance.  In 2002 when this book was first published these business people would have been at the pinnacle of their career – what is missing is some perspectives from those in their younger years – many of the interviewees comment on how in one sense work/life balance has become easier as companies are more understanding to HR policies but at the same time many younger people are working harder in the start of their career at the beginning of the millenium then they were in say the 1950s.  Winston Fletcher writes a helpful introduction and a conclusion which pull together many of the threads for the interviews.

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