I finished Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley earlier this week.  I’ve a strong desire to be more balanced, and to slow a little this year.  As an expectant father (baby due mid February) I’m really keen to ensure that I form patterns and rhythms that allow me to be a great dad to my son.  I’ve enjoyed Andy Stanley’s previous books so when I saw this I thought it’d be worth reading.  It’s a short little book which explores the balance of work and family.  The premise is that with all the damnds at work and home we end up cheating at one of the two places, and Andy suggests that we want to look for ways to cheat at work rather than constantly skipping out on family as their simply isn’t time to fit everything in.  He says we need our family to not just know that we love them, but to feel like they are loved to.

The key he argues is to believe that you need to change, and then do anything you can to make it happen.  He says ask your spouse: “What change would you most like me to make to my schedule?” and then act on it.

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