I finished Don’t Stop at the Lights: Leading Your Church Through a Changing Climate by Claire Foster and David Shreev last night.  Following on frDon't stop at the lightsom their book “How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change a Christian?”, this handbook looks to resource church leaders to take the next steps with their church.

It uses the church calendar as its structure, which has its limitations in a baptist denomination, but would clearly be of use to those in the Church of England.  Each section contains an introduction to the season, practical ideas: a mixture of liturgy, practical suggestions and case studies; study notes on some theological themes; sermon points to use in teaching; liturgical links for worship.

It’s well written with a variety of themes and practical suggestions meaning that no church in the country wouldn’t be able to use this book to some degree.  At the back there is a set of helpful appendices including a model environmental policy; environmental audit; and, a list of useful contacts.

If you’re keen to bring more green issues into your church this is a helpful book to get for your church leader.

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