Last term in our youth work we used Krish Kandiah’s Dysciples: Why I Fall Asleep When I Pray and Twelve Other Discipleship Dysfunctions, adapting each of the chapters as a short talk and response.  With chapters that include:

  • Why I feel I am going nowhere
  • Why I shout at God
  • Why I won’t step out of my comfort zone
  • Why I struggle with Jesus’ teaching
  • Why I’ve heard it all before
  • Why I feel such a hypocrite
  • Why God seems out of reach
  • Why I can’t move mountains
  • Why I want to be the best
  • Why my mind wanders during communion
  • Why I fall asleep when I pray
  • Why I can’t tell people about Jesus
  • Why I could never be a missionary

The young people I work with really related to a lot of these feelings and frustrations.  The short chapters were easy for a number of our younger leaders to take a topic and share some of the faith journey alongside Krish’s theological thinking with the young people.  It seemed to get a number of the young people really thinking and wrestling with these issues.

I thoroughly recommend this book.

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