I recently read Family of Angels by Mike Ripley.  Fitzroy Maclean Angel has to deal with two big issues: find his missing brother, uncover an outrageous Common Market drugs deal and solve the problem of just how you hide a field of cannabis?; he also has to contend with a family of East End gangsters involved in a curious case of the missing diesel fuel and stolen beer barrels.

I’d not read any Mike Ripley books prior to “Family of Angels”.  I started reading it on a miserable day, rain and wind, you know the sort of thing.  Well I have to tell you that Ripley brought a fair share of sunshine into that day.  If you want police, and detectives don’t read this book.  On the other hand, if all you want is entertainment then you’ll find it here aplenty!!  It is silly, improbable and great fun.  I hope Angel gets a new taxi, you’ll just have to read it to discover what I mean.

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