Today I finished reading For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care by Steven Bouma-Prediger.  The book does a great job at challenging evangelical Christians on why they should care about the environment, the air, the land, and more holistically, the earth.  The book engages theologically on the theme of ecology, moving beyond the current ecological crises (there are plenty of other good books out there that have written hundreds of pages on that theme) to encourage Christians to think about a creative redemption as well as a human redemption.

Bouma-Prediger challenges Christians to be not just good stewards of the earth, but servants and carers of it – a challenge which is increasingly important in our world.  While he is challenging Bouma-Prediger doesn’t come off as overly academic or arrogant.  His writing is beautiful, his argument convincing and in our world today which tends to be divided between Christians who care about humans and the world who cares more about the Earth, he does a splendid job at bridging this huge gap.

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