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I’ve always found Gordon Ramsay to be a fascinating man, I’m not a fan of his use of foul language, but I find his attitude towards determination, self-discipline and helping others improve themselves hugely infectious.  So when I spotted Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsay in our local library I thought it would be an interesting read during the Christmas break.

Ramsay comes from a challenging background, growing up in a dysfunctional family with an abusive and alcoholic father who meant that the family moved at least once a year.  In many ways his background seems to have set him on the path where he is desperate to prove his father wrong, and to be a success – he alludes in the book to how he saw many similarities between his upbringing and that of Billy Elliot.

The book shows how working within the kitchen is a pressured and difficult place.  Some of the people he worked for were horrendous bosses, for example Marco Pierre White is seen as an overly controlling and highly unpredictable man who seems to think nothing of throwing boiling pans at workers.  It certainly doesn’t come across as an advertisment for becoming a chef.

Ramsay comes across as a bloke trying to do the right thing, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, but keen to do the best for him and his family and his staff team.  I came away with more respect for him having read the book, although I still found he use of foul language unnecessary.

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