As part of my new role as a Learning Mentor in a local primary schools I have been trying to read more of the guides from the government on topics linked to young people. This guide – Information for parents – Autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related conditions is great for parents who are worried about their child. The booklet was written by the National Autistic Society and TreeHouse in response to requests from families, professional agencies and voluntary organisations for better information.
It highlights what parents of autistic children wished they had known in the early days of finding out about their child’s situation. Parents have been involved in the producing of the booklet, and it is full of quotes from them which give great insight in to the issues vthey face.
The booklet describes the support that is available and answer the questions that many parents have at this time. The back of the booklet contains loads of places for further support, including websites and phone numbers.
If you are working with families who have children on the autistic spectrum this booklet would well be worth a read.
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