Making the most of quietly watching Wimbledon and reading means I’ve finished It Just Occurred to Me…: The Reminiscences and Thoughts of Chairman Humph by Humphrey Lyttelton.

It just occurred to meLet me start by saying that it is not an autobiography, not a companion to “Sorry I haven’t a clue”, nor is about Jazz music.  Though I think anyone with an interest in these areas will enjoy it.

It is a series of stories and memories that ramble around Humph’s life.  At times that can be quite frustrating, but as a book to dip in and out of, you appreciate his generation.  Humph has a way with words, and most notably few harsh words are spoken in the best tradition of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, and good things are said about pretty much everybody he met along the way.

The mistake I made was trying to sit down and read it, it’s a book to dip in and out of.

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  1. This is a massive debate, and no doubt Wesley Hill is getting it in the neck from all sides. I guess a question that many gay people will rightly ask of God is that if they are born with that orientation and to do anything about that is sinful (lusting after someone is equally so…), their sin, if they do not remain celibate is one of who they are not necessarily just what they choose to do.

    This is a significant barrier to becoming a Christian for a gay person, and inherently unfair for that gtoup of society as compared to middle class, middle england heterosexuals……

    Can’t think of any other area where the sin is based on who someone is rather than what they choose to do with their life……

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