Having read Memoirs of a Fruitcake by Chris Evans I picked up It’s Not What You Think.  Chris Evans has had a chequered past but I found his book refreshing, he is honest and energetic as he describes his childhood to buying Virgin Radio.

Evans starts at the beginning of his childhood talking about the death of his father and also how he learnt to work hard for what you want and take all the risks you can to get there.  His rise to being the marker up in the newsagents speaks volumes.

Evans goes from working in the newsagent, to the radio with television along the way and with it his success and failure of getting a foot in the door to do the one thing he obviously loves.  Reading about all this background to Evans has made me listen with a different ear to his Radio 2 programme.

There is an abundance of honesty in this book. Chris knows he made some large mistakes in the past, (like not turning up for work after a rather long drinking session) made some financial misjudgements and hurt a lot of people that he cared about.  He recognises this and shows a humility that I didn’t expect.

To divide the book up into chapters, events and memories Chris Evans uses a `Top Ten’ list to start each one off, from Top 10 First Memories of going to School to Top 10 Things that help get a Deal done.  This breaks the book up nicely and allows some premise top exactly what each chapter is going to hold.

Definitely worth a read.

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