Back in October I went to The Third Lausanne Congress: Cape Town 2010, during which I heard Ajith Fernando speak on Ephesians 1.  Following that I got hold of a copy of Jesus Driven Ministry to hear some more of his thoughts on ministry, especially his concept of joy and suffering in ministry.

It came at a time when I was really wrestling with what the foundations of ministry should be about: what is success in ministry – is it longevity, is it numbers, is it missionary activity or is it a mixture of all three?

In many ways this book is Fernando’s wrestling of what ministry should look like and the lessons he’s learnt in over 30 years of ministry with Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka.  This book hasn’t really taught me anything new, although it pulled into one place a number of different facets: God’s affirmation, retreating from activity, leading from a spiritual base, growing team and focussing on younger leaders.  Instead it came at just the perfect time for me to hear an elder statesman of the Christian world share his struggles, his joys, his pains, his experience of ministry.

If you haven’t read this book do get hold of it, hopefully it will inspire you as much as me to continue on the journey.



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