Mark, one of my friends, set me off on the Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series starting with Killing Floor .  My immediate thoughts on this author were that I like his writing style.  He writes with ease, and uses surprise; there’s nothing I like more than reading a book where I don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of a chapter.  I love having some of those “Oh, No” moments when settling down with a mystery.

Jack Reacher — 6’4″, 36 years old, a former military policeman is a fantastic main character.  The setting of this book, Margrave, Georgia, is reminiscent of a Stepford town.  Everything is perfect, everything is clean, everyone is happy with their lives … until dead bodies start showing up.  Reacher, who just happens to be wandering through Margrave, is immediately considered a suspect simply because he’s an outsider.  But little does this town know that it’s the “insiders” they have to worry about as Reacher sets out to prove his innocence and seeks revenge for the death of someone from his past. And when Reacher sets out to seek revenge, he means it, as he has no problem at all in killing bad people.

In the beginning of the book, he won’t know whom to trust and neither will the reader.  As the story progresses, however, you will become amazed at Reacher’s intelligence and will become attuned to his deciphering of even the smallest clue.  Jack Reacher has now moved right up on top of my list of favorite main characters in a mystery series. I’ve looked past the fact that he has no problem killing people.

I’m just so glad that this is a series next up Die Trying.

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