Some of my friends lent me some man fiction for additional reading, one of the best of those was Last Chance to Die by Noah Boyd, a former FBI agent.  Steve Vail visits Kate Bannon, Assistant Director of the FBI, for a well-earned and romantic New Years Eve in Washington, DC, but he suddenly finds himself knee-deep in a very complicated and unusual case.

A man known simply as Calculus, an intelligence officer at the Russian embassy, approaches the FBI claiming he knows of several Americans who are supplying confidential government information to the Russian secret service. In exchange for this list, he asks for $250,000 for each traitor the FBI arrests.  But when Calculus is suddenly recalled to Moscow, the Bureau suspects the worst. The Russians have probably captured Calculus, and might have access to his list – which means they’ll soon track down the informants and murder them.

That is, unless the FBI can find them first, but without knowing exactly who is on the list, they must keep the operation quiet. Once again, Vail is their man. He’s the ideal candidate for this kind of stealth recon mission. It soon becomes clear that finding Calculus and his list of traitors isn’t going to be quick or quiet. In fact, it’s going to be downright deadly…

The story itself goes to show that Noah Boyd is really the man who has been there, done it and worn the T-Shirt.  The story starts at a breakneck speed and doesn’t let up until the final chapter.  The one thing that made this book so authentic was the sheer complexity of the plot and the numerous threads that link together the story line.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, my only criticism is that it sometimes became a little too confusing and a couple of times I found myself going back and checking things.

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