I’ve read Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes a number of times, so when I spotted Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome I was very keen to grab hold of it and read.

Liberating ministry from successIt didn’t disappoint.  At 198 pages of text it isn’t long, but is very focussed on one point – faithfulness is Biblical way to measure success.  When ministers act as God’s faithful servants they have been successful in their ministry – whether that is in a large or small church, whether they preach regularly to big conferences, or are an accomplished author, or they regularly preach to 10.

Hughes balances illustrations from his and others ministries with great biblical points.  In one sense it doesn’t say anything new, but it does present it forcefully and coming from a heavyweight such as Kent Hughes brings credence to the arguments.  The focus has to be on yourself serving God, and when you have the disciplines in place to pray, to live with a holy attitude, then you will be being successful in your ministry, regardless of how often you get into the media etc.

If you’re in ministry please do read this book.  It reminds you to focus on your relationship with God, and your disciplines before worrying about your public reputation or recognition.

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