I’ve just finished Life with God by Richard Foster.  Richard’s theme for the book is to wrestle with our understanding of reading scripture, and that we want to go deeper with God, and yet we fail Life with Godto.

The first part of the book challenges our overall understanding of scripture and encourages us to ‘catch the vision’.  It then moves on to a very helpful section looking at nurturing the intention: reading with the heart, the mind and the people of God.  It ends with a great discussion between relationship with God and the use of spiritual disciplines.

It’s a book that’s deep and that I think I’m going to need to re-read at least one more time to fully grasp some of what Foster is writing about.  Throughout the book there were wonderful nuggets, for example:

In this day of fractious religious arguments, we could do with less debate over who may be counted among the faithful and more evidence of faithful witness to the way of Christ. (p. 149)

If you’re prepared to think and take time over reading then this is a good book, if however you’re trying to zoom through it, I’ll think you miss bits, as I’m sure I did.

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