One of the benefits of a day off is a chance to read.  I’ve just finished Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley.  I loved this book for the constant nuggets that you find in it.  Here’s a few to get your started:

The two best secrets of leadership are these: the less you do the more you accomplish, the less you do the more you enable others to accomplish.

What are the two or three things that you and only you are responsible for?

I once heard John Maxwell say, “You are most valuable where you add the most value.”

Leaders provide a mental picture of a preferred future and then ask people to follow them there.

Max De Pree made this observation: “An unwillingness to accept risk has swamped more leaders than anything I can think of.”

Uncertainty is a permanent part of the leadership landscape.

People will follow you in spite of a few bad decisions.  People will not follow you if you are unclear in your instruction, and you cannot hold them accountable to respond to muddled directives.

The best thing to do sometimes is to open up the cage and face the 500 pound gorilla. He’s going to come after you anyway, so you might as well let him out.

Character is the will to d what’s right even when it’s hard.

A set of great quotes that I’m going to be grappling with over the next few weeks.

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