Recently I dug out some Christian classics to read, one of which was No Turning Back by George Verwer.  The book, like a good sermon, has three parts to it.

Part 1 is the call to be a disciple.  Verwer starts the book by looking at the challenges of being a Christian in the 20th century and how there are ways to walk through the internal and external fog.

The second part is Biblical Principles of Discipleship and Victory where he focuses on the foundations and disciplines of the spiritual life.  Although the language is a little dated I thought this section would be very helpful for keen teenagers who want to learn more about faith.

Part 3 is Continuing in the Way; this was an interesting section as Verwer writes on topics such as repentance, discouragement and spritiual balance.  I liked the way that he highlighted the difficult challenges and ways to ensure that through a focus on God we can ensure we have good balance in both the great times and the struggling times.

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