No well worn pathsLife has been busy recently which has meant less time for reading so it was nice to finally finish No Well-worn Paths by Terry Virgo.  I’m always a fan of biographical accounts of Christians and this one didn’t let me down.

I don’t go to a New Frontiers church but have had close links with a number of NFI churches over the years, so when I managed to pick up a copy of this second hand it looked to be a promising read.  The book is a clear life story of both Terry Virgo and the New Frontiers movement which he founded.

What challenged me the most was that he always tried to act on the working of God through the Holy Spirit, and that he expected God to work.  This leads to some very honest musings over the starting of the charismatic movement and some of the politics of that both at what was London Bible College and in the early ‘apostolic meetings’.

A book that’s worth reading, although I’m sure it’s due an update soon.

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