I have always been fascinated by history so it was with some interest that I picked up Operation Eichmann: The Truth about the Pursuit, Capture and Trial by Zvi Aharoni and Wilhelm Dietl.  The hunt, capture and subsequent trial of SS member 45326 Adolf Eichmann reads like a good spy thriller at times and that’s because it is.  There are secret cameras hidden in briefcases and the Israeli agents stalk their prey by spying through a hole in the tarpaulin cover of a truck after tracking him down through the back streets of residential Buenos Aires.  You can feel the tension building as they get closer to the abduction.

The book starts off by giving you a bit of the background story of the author and an insight into the structure and workings of the various branches of the Israeli secret services.  The author Zvi Aharoni was a member of the secret service team who researched, planned and carried out the abduction of Eichmann so you are getting the story from the “main man” who was there so it’s going to be a reliable account.

There are a few surprises in the book such as how one of the top men in Mossad didn’t think it was worthwhile following up a red-hot trail on Eichmann.  Also, there is a lot of distrust and almost animosity at times between the high ranking members of the secret services which is revealed in the book.

The book ends with a very brief summary of the trial and follows up what became of Eichmann’s family who were living with him in Argentina. There are more revelations here: his youngest son takes a very different view of his father than that held by his older sons. Very interesting.

I am now going to find a book which covers the trial in more detail.  This book was a free download for the Kindle when I got it and I’m definitely glad I read it.

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