Recently I’ve been challenged to read more about those who’ve made a massive difference to their community, so I enjoyed reading Oscar Romero (Modern Spiritual Masters) by Marie Dennis, Renny Golden, and Scott Wright.  The book is short at just 120 pages, and is a series of small essays as follows:

  • The centrality of the poor
  • The historical demands of the gospel
  • The heart of the poor
  • The testimony of the martyrs
  • The word remains

The essays focus on a development of Romero’s theology and rely heavily on quotes from his sermons, letters and other sources to describe the development of his thinking.

When I was a young teenager my youth leader showed us a video of Romero’s life which really inspired me so it was interesting to read some of the thinking behind the man.  This isn’t a biography, but equally this isn’t just theology, this is the story of a man who truly lived out his faith.

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