Set apart for GodLast night I finished Set Apart for God: The Call to a Surrendered Life by John Mulinde.  It was a book that Chris & Jan, two of our leaders at summer camp had recommended during one of their talks.  Rev. John Mulinde is a pastor in Kampala, Uganda, who strives after the transformation of community.  The book starts with the context of the 9/11 attacks, and a challenge to be set apart for God – ready to listen and then act.  Check out this quote:

The call to be set apart is not about going away for a few days of fasting and prayer.  It is a call to a long-term sowing into a new lifestyle. (p. 33)

John challenges us on our priorities – do we really want to get closer to God, or is it just some wishful thinking.  I’m hopeful that some of our young people will have read this, and come back with some questions and challenges.

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