People are concerned over biblical literacy today. Even among those who are trying to follow God, there are thousands of especially young people who don’t know how to read the Bible. They don’t know where to begin, they don’t understand what’s in it and they are intimidated by it. Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft in Storylines: Tracing the Threads of the Bible address this head on by exploring the main themes of the Bible:

  • The Jesus Storyline
  • The Covenant Storyline
  • The Presence Storyline
  • The Kingdom Storyline
  • The Salvation Storyline
  • The Worship Storyline

They trace these themes throughout the Bible, beginning in Genesis all the way through Revelation.  At the end of each chapter, they provide what they call a paperchase.  This is a list of Scripture passages that trace that particular storyline through the Bible.  Following each paperchase is a short list of discussion questions ideal for individual study or a small group.

The book has two appendices; the first is a twenty page synopsis of the entire Bible in the order it is compiled.  The second is a what, why, and how of the Bible which describes and defends the inspiration and preservation of the Scriptures.

Storylines is simply written and appropriate for its intended audience.   It is appropriate for young people and new Christians.  Very easy to read, with plenty of humour, this book will equip you with a big picture view of the Bible that allows you to go and read all the individual parts with a whole lot more understanding.

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