I was interested to read The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy.  I found myself picking it up at every available opportunity.  This is the story of a stressed out Wall Street Lawyer in Manhattan who is married with 2 young sons and very disillusioned with his life.  He has always longed to be a photographer and regrets the way his life has ended up.  By complete accident (I won’t spoil it) his life turns upside down in a split second and he finds himself on the run and taking on a new identity.  Does his dream of having a new life match the reality?

It is also very insightful into the human condition: pride, ambition, discontentment. I think Kennedy writes about these themes extremely well.  You won’t be disappointed with this book; it’s very readable and makes you want to keep turning the pages well into the night. Enjoy

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  1. Here are sentences 5 to 7 from page 123 of Traditions of International Ethics (Nardin and Mapel)

    “Thus, for example, consequentialists and adherents of common morality agree that when many in the third world face imminent starvation relatively wealthy people in richer parts of the world have a serious moral obligation to come to their aid.

    This general duty to help other is the most basic ground within common morality for interference in the internal affairs of one nation by outsiders, including other nations and international bodies. The specific implications of the general duty to provide help depend on a number of highly contigent factors, including respect for a nation’s sovereignty and awareness of the limits of outside aid.”

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