At the end of my time-off I started reading The Jesus Habits: Exercising the Spiritual Disciplines of Jesus by Jay Dennis.  He challenges us to imitate the habits of Jesus to grow our own life, showing with each habit why they are important to incorporate in your life, what are the enemies of the habit; reasons or circumstances that would stop you from developing them; and then some top tips on embedding the habits into your own life.

There are 31 habits listed and include categories such as; Prayer, Worship, Rest, Thanksgiving and Purpose, to name a few. Each category is clearly developed and you gain a good understanding of their importance in the life of Jesus and in your own life when you complete this read.

My only negative comment is that I thought many of his chapters were filled with Bible verses written out when really all he needed to do was reference them, if the verses hadn’t have been typed out, the book would have been MUCH shorter.

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