The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre had real potential, the title was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to read, and it had been recommended as something worth checking out by Johnny. Yet, if I’m honest, I came away quite disappointed with this book.

Chapter one started off really well: a look at how we have made Christmas too nice, too easy, and actually missed some of the reality of the original Christmas. He did a really good job looking at the opposition of the kingdom of Jesus against that of Caesar in Luke’s gospel; and how in Matthew’s gospel we see the contrast of two kings: murderous Herod and the revolutionary Jesus. At this point I was getting really into the book and wondering why more people hadn’t read it.

But … it kind of just fell apart and instead of a logically look at the way in which we have made Jesus very Western and very nice, and how the whole point of church for suburban Christians has to be this feeling of discomfort to some degree, we just seemed hear the author ranting on various hot potatoes.

Not a book I will be recommending around the world.

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